Saturday Swimming

Me: It was lovely down on the beach, wasn’t it?Harriet is always in her element. Even Poppy went swimming.

Nell: Only because she was trying to catch that Labradoodle.

Me: Why?

Nell: It made an unnecessarily rude comment about her hair.

Me: Well, that’s not very kind. Not everyone can have beautiful curly locks.

Nell: Quite, and it’s most impolite to say loudly, ‘Someone’s in need of a good brush.’

Me: I’ll be glad when restrictions are lifted and she can be clipped. I’ve tried brushing her but the next minute her hair is wild again.

Nell: At least she wears a cap and headphones when she’s flying. Harriet says she’s a very professional pilot.

Me: Have you found out yet why Harriet had to rush up to London?

Nell: No. But Sally is definitely coming to visit us soon, so we may learn more then.

Me: Good.

Nell: Yes. Terry was only just saying how much he was looking forward to meeting her.

Me: How does Terry know about Sally?

Nell: He was asking me about the family now that he’s reconciled with Susan.

Me: So she knows?

Nell: Yes, he popped over to The Nest this morning.

Me: Was Susan shocked to hear she has a brother?

Nell: A little startled at first, but you know Susan. Kindness personified. He was soon enjoying one of Malcolm’s macarons and a nice cup of tea.

Me: Has he told her about Squawk?

Nell: Not yet.

Me: Did I hear singing this morning?

Nell: It was probably David. He’s writing a love song for Sally for Valentine’s Day.

Me: It sounded screechier than Dave.

Nell: That wasn’t singing, it was Romeo serenading Susan again.

Me: Unrequited love can be so painful.

Nell: You can say that again.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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