After the Fiasco

Me: Why is my Big Brave Beautiful Boy hiding under the table?

Nell: Yesterday’s afternoon tea didn’t go the way I planned.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: I blame The Cat. Why it had to tell PC Panda I do not know.

Me: What happened?

Nell: It all went wrong when David and Gladys took over the preparations.

Me: Where were Poppy and Manuel?

Nell: Poppy had to fly Harriet up to London to see Sally in her helicopter and Manuel went down to the sea with Princess and Our Penguin.

Me: Is that even allowed?

Nell: Everyone is entitled to a day off. Knitwear Wolf took them in his sidecar.

Me: No. I meant Poppy flying Harriet up to London. We’re in lockdown.

Nell: It was essential travel. Don’t bother asking Harriet about it as she’s keeping her lips sealed.

Me: Not even if I offer her a biscuit?

Nell: I’ve tried that already. She’s not talking. Not even for a scone.

Me: Gosh. So Dave had to take over?

Nell: Yes. Unfortunately he ate the finger sandwiches by mistake while he was reading the recipe for fairy cakes.

Me: It can happen.

Nell: Anyway, David and Gladys decided fish finger sandwiches might do.

Me: Good idea. Seagulls love fish.

Nell: Yes, but the llamas weren’t keen.

Me: The llamas? What were they doing there?

Nell: I have no idea. When Terry arrived PC Panda told him it was an illegal gathering and he would have to wait at the gate.

Me: Did he get the chance to talk to Susan?

Nell: He managed to shout ‘By the way, I’m your half brother’ but he’s not sure she heard him over the singing.

Me: Singing?

Nell: Don’t ask. David and Gladys are never organising afternoon tea again.

Me: No. Sorry.

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