It’s Saturday

Me: Cheeky Animal. I won.

Nell: I’m afraid David is always getting caught. He does everything with his whole self. He simply can’t do otherwise.

Me: That’s why he is my Big Brave Beautiful Boy. All 47kg of him.

Nell: You know Emily the Vet says Harriet needs to lose weight.

Me: Really? But she only weighs 27kg.

Nell: According to Kev, Emily would like her to weigh 23kg.

Me: She’ll waste away. She’s only a slip of a thing. Goodness only knows what Emily is going to say about you and Poppy when you go next week.

Nell: I beg your pardon?

Me: Well, you are definitely rounder than Harriet.

Nell: Rounder? Poppy and I are curvaceous and we are also ladies of a certain age.

Me: Aren’t we all?

Nell: Exactly. All I can say is I shan’t be giving up scones any time soon.

Me: Especially during a pandemic.

Nell: Quite. In fact Poppy is baking a lemon drizzle cake as we speak.

Me: Are we expecting guests?

Nell: No. It’s Saturday. One has to have cake on a Saturday.

Me: I had a lovely message from someone who had just finished listening to the audio book. She said she and her dogs enjoyed it tremendously.

Nell: That’s nice. Have you told everyone it is out on Audible now?

Me: Yes. I hope people will want to get it.

Nell: I’m sure they will. It’s just the thing to listen to during these difficult times.

Me: Especially in front of the fire with a cup of tea and a piece of homemade cake.

Nell: Or a scone.

Me: I suppose we could consider a bowl of fruit instead.

Nell: A bowl of fruit? On a grey Saturday? In January? During lockdown?

Me: No. Of course not. Sorry.

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