Welcome to 2021

Me: Happy New Year to everyone near and far.

Nell: Could you keep your voice down, please? Harriet and I are still resting.

Me: You should look out of the window, Nell. The sun is shining on the frosty fields. It’s really beautiful.

Nell: I’m not doing anything until I’ve had a cup of Earl Grey and a slice of warm buttered toast with a little of Poppy’s homemade marmalade.

Me: It’s really snowy in Toronto. Chris sent me a lovely photo of him and Shannon in the snow.

Nell: Marvin looks cold.

Me: I think he just wants to keep walking.

Nell: He should be wearing his hat. I’ll tell him when we zoom later.

Me: The barbecue was a huge success, wasn’t it?

Nell: There were some extraordinary costumes, You don’t expect to see a whippet with antlers.

Me: I think they were horns.

Nell: Well, they were impressive.

Me: I thought the idea of having an extra fish barbecue was inspired.

Nell: It was more spontaneous than planned. The Beefies threw mackerel at the fire so Poppy decided to put the prawns on there, too.

Me: Did you see Dave juggling with the sausages?

Nell: I wouldn’t call it juggling.

Me: He caught them in the air, Nell.

Nell: And ate them.

Me: What’s a growing animal to do? Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: My favourite part was the singing around the fire at the end of the day.

Me: Yes. It was a lovely way to say goodbye to 2020 and to remember those we love.

Nell: We have lost far too many.

Me: I know. I just want to be with everyone again. I’ve missed those hugs so much.

Nell: You will soon. Just one step at a time. Be patient.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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