It’s Christmas Eve you know

Me: The girls are looking lovely.

Nell: Are you talking about the Welsh corgi choir? Those red shawls from Knitwear Wolf are just the thing.

Me: I was talking about Poppy and Harriet actually. I haven’t seen the choir this morning.

Nell: They’re in The Barn entertaining the pug family.

Me: Are they from the United States?

Nell: No, they’re from Wales. You’ve been listening to them sing for years. Have you been on the mulled wine already?

Me: No. I meant the pugs. I thought they might be relatives of Babycakes Gillespie’s.

Nell: Do you seriously think that Babycakes would leave them out in the cold?

Me: No. I suppose not.

Nell: They’re from Cornwall, by the way. They ran a little cafe down there but it had to close due to all the restrictions. They couldn’t pay the rent so they decided to move to Devon.

Me: Things aren’t much better here. It’s a really difficult time. What’s to be done?

Nell: Actually Knitwear Wolf is in a meeting right now with John the Doberman and Babycakes.

Me: What about?

Nell: Pasties. Rupert suggested that John and Babycakes add pasties to their menus for next year with the pugs as their suppliers.

Me: That’s wonderful.

Nell: They need to sort out some proper living accommodation for them first.

Me: The Cat might have room at the Big House.

Nell: The Cat can’t cope with pugs and pasties. Do try and be a little more realistic, please.

Me: Yes. Are we going on a picnic, Nell?

Nell: No. Why?

Me: I saw Poppy packing picnic baskets with sandwiches, cakes, tea and scones.

Nell: That’ll be for Olive the Other Reindeer and friends. They’ve got a busy night ahead. It’s Christmas Eve you know.

Me: Of course it is. Sorry.

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