Monday Memories

Me: Oh Nell, it’s my darling mother at Claridge’s in London when she and I went for one of our last Christmas afternoon teas together.

Nell: Yes, I thought you would like to see it again.

Me: It’s such a happy memory. The waitress was so lovely and it turned out she trained at The Cottage Hotel down here in Devon.

Nell: Of course she did. There’s a reason why it’s our favourite hotel, you know.

Me: I miss going there so much, Nell. It is such a haven and my happy place.

Nell: You will be going there again soon. Just be patient. One step at a time.

Me: I am so glad that everyone is enjoying the Christmas Special. Their comments have been wonderful.

Nell: Yes. It is extremely gratifying.

Me: I knew they would love your voice.

Nell: And yours.

Me: I’m just me, Nell. You are special.

Nell: Nonsense. And dear Mutley. So lovely to hear him again.

Me: And to know he is there.

Nell: He’s always there, along with the other Guardians.

Me: Yesterday was quite a day.

Nell: It certainly was.

Me: And then out of the blue my phone rang and it was Alice and the grandchildren on FaceTime and I could see their dear faces.

Nell: A wonderful surprise.

Me: Yes. Jonathan showed me their Christmas tree and Faye stole baubles off the tree and brought them to Alice. She’s walking around now.

Nell: In a very determined way, if I may say so.

Me: Yes. It was lovely to see.

Nell: So, you’re finally feeling Christmassy then?

Me: Yes, I am. All those lovely comments and knowing we’re going to get through this together.

Nell: That was never in any doubt. We are like one big family.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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