What are you doing?

Nell: What are you doing?

Me: Just taking a photo of the sunlight on the fields. It’s so beautiful.

Nell: Back to bed right now.

Me: Ok. Bossy boots.

Nell: You know you overdid it yesterday and look at the consequences. One paw forwards and three back.

Me: I only have two paws.

Nell: You know exactly what I mean. Tomorrow is an important day and we cannot have you sick.

Me: I’m sick of being ill.

Nell: Thank goodness Kev already recorded the Talking Bowl with you.

Me: Yes, imagine an ailing Talking Bowl.

Nell: No, thank you.

Me: I think the Talking Bowl probably has a lovely singing voice.

Nell: I beg your pardon?

Me: I could see the Talking Bowl joining the Welsh corgi choir on stage for some of their songs.

Nell: You are not going on stage. Especially at the moment.

Me: Did I ever mention that I sang in the school choir?

Nell: Several times. Now, David wants you to know that your Saturday bacon sandwich didn’t go to waste. He will bring you a plain Digestive biscuit with your chamomile tea.

Me: That’s kind of him. Babycakes Gillespie offered me one of his fresh bagels.

Nell: I hope you refused. What was he doing up here anyway?

Me: He just came upstairs to tell me all about yesterday’s ice skating.

Nell: All I can say is that llamas shouldn’t be allowed near skates. They don’t know how to stop. They are supposed to be Dartmoor ponies not Torvill and Dean.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: And who ever heard of a pony doing the Salchow, whatever that is?

Me: Do you think the Talking Bowl could skate?

Nell: That’s quite enough. Just concentrate on getting better. Tomorrow is a big day.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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