Listening is awfully Tiring

Me: Dave fell asleep when I was talking to him.

Nell: He’s probably tired.

Me: One minute he was sitting up listening to me and the next he was fast asleep.

Nell: He has to do an awful lot of listening in his job as a councillor you know. Listening isn’t easy. Trust me.

Me: I don’t suppose it is.

Nell: What were you talking about?

Me: I was practising being a Talking Bowl.

Nell: Oh dear.

Me: Why did you say that?

Nell: It doesn’t bode well for the pantomime, does it? We can’t have the audience falling asleep.

Me: I thought Dave would be interested in biscuits.

Nell: David had a large breakfast. It’s Saturday, so Poppy always makes bacon sandwiches. Nobody is interested in biscuits on a Saturday.

Me: But there are probably biscuits in the Talking Bowl, aren’t there?

Nell: Certainly not. Have you even read the story?

Me: Not yet, but I have an idea from what you told me.

Nell: Evil Mrs Snow looks into the Talking Bowl and says ‘Who is the fairest of them all?’

Me: Yes. That’s what I thought.

Nell: How can she see anything in a bowl of biscuits?

Me: You might have a point there.

Nell: The Talking Bowl is full of water.

Me: Of course. Silly me. The Cat is going to have an awful lot of work getting my costume right, isn’t it?

Nell: What costume?

Me: My Talking Bowl costume.

Nell: You don’t have one.

Me: I can’t just stand there, Nell.

Nell: You don’t need a costume. You’re not on stage. You are just the voice.

Me: I didn’t know.

Nell: Kev will record you. He’s been doing a lot of that recently and is awfully good at it.

Me: Oh, I see. Sorry.

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