Hide and Seek

Me: You walked so well yesterday.

Nell: Yes. Chloe is extremely pleased with my progress.

Me: I wonder why the cows were galloping across the field?

Nell: They were playing Hide and Seek. Cows adore that game.

Me: They did actually disappear at one point.

Nell: Exactly.

Me: They were behind the trees at the bottom of the valley, though. We knew they were there.

Nell: Could you see them?

Me: No.

Nell: You have to find them. It’s called Hide and Seek. Not Hide and Lazily Decide to Guess from a Distance.

Me: But Poppy and Harriet saw them.

Nell: Yes. Poppy and Harriet were playing the game properly. That’s why the cows galloped back up the hill.

Me: There aren’t a lot of places a herd of cows can hide, to be honest.

Nell: There are more than you think.

Me: Has Poppy come to a decision about the Anger Management course?

Nell: Yes. She’s going and she’s taking Malcolm with her.

Me: Malcolm? He’s the politest flamingo we know.

Nell: Yes. He is going to act as a buffer.

Me: Does he know? Is he even allowed to go?

Nell: The answer to both questions is yes.

Me: Malcolm won’t like it. What if everyone starts shouting?

Nell: It’s called Anger Management. Voices will be lowered not raised. He’s a good influence on Poppy and he’s used to her ways.

Me: I’m glad she didn’t ask me.

Nell: You would be dreadful. You know how fierce you get if someone criticises a loved one.

Me: Is Poppy going to be criticised then?

Nell: Her anger issues will doubtlessly be addressed.

Me: But it wasn’t her fault. It was those lying Beefies. They make me so angry.

Nell: And that’s why she didn’t ask you.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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