Jellyfish and Hangers-On

Nell: Where did you get those photos?

Me: Chloe sent them to me after your hydrotherapy.

Nell: She calls me her big hairy jellyfish.

Me: Yes. I know. She says you sit on her shoes when the water comes in and your hair floats around you like a jellyfish.

Nell: I’m nothing like a jellyfish.

Me: She says you are a pleasure to treat and a kind and quiet soul.

Nell: Well, that’s true at least.

Me: I was surprised at the quiet bit, though. I would never have called you quiet. You have so much to say.

Nell: May I point out that walking miles in a tank full of water is not conducive to conversation?

Me: I’d forgotten that.

Nell: And neither is being lasered and stretched.

Me: No. But you are walking better, Nell, and you were cheerful when you came home yesterday.

Nell: I’m always cheerful when I come home.

Me: The other three sat by the front gate the whole time you were away.

Nell: We support each other.

Me: We do. Talking of support wasn’t it lovely to see how many hugs we all got yesterday?

Nell: Yes. It was just what we needed. David is exhausted by the way.

Me: Why?

Nell: Look at the queue outside his consulting rooms? Everyone wants advice.

Me: I wasn’t expecting that.

Nell: What?

Me: Antelopes in the queue.

Nell: They get everywhere.

Me: With hangers-on.

Nell: Not those sheep again?

Me: No. They’ve got birds on their backs.

Nell: Starlings?

Me: No. Beefies.

Nell: What? This must be stopped.

Me: Don’t be judgemental, Nell. Even Beefies need Wise Words now and again.

Nell: They don’t want advice. They’re planning an attack. I’ll text David now on WoofsApp and you alert the others.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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