Feeling good

Me: It was so good to see you enjoying your walk yesterday.

Nell: Yes, the grass was lovely and soft underfoot and there was a refreshingly vigorous cool breeze.

Me: It turned into a proper gale later.

Nell: It never bothers me.

Me: I hardly slept last night with all the noise.

Nell: Gales like to be noticed. Thunder and lightning are the same. I’ve told the puppies that the trick is not to give them the time of day and they will go away.

Me: Did I see the Albatross in the kitchen?

Nell: You can’t really miss it even if it wasn’t wearing a red tank top.

Me: There’s nothing wrong is there?

Nell: No. It popped in for a fish finger sandwich with Benjamin Seagull to celebrate his freedom from the Beefies.

Me: They make unusual friends.

Nell: Not really. Look at Henry and David.

Me: Why is it wearing a tank top?

Nell: It’s a little chilly today. Why do you think?

Me: I thought it might be because Benjamin always wears one.

Nell: You might have a point.

Me: You don’t think it has a crush on Benjamin do you?

Nell: Don’t start.

Me: Stranger things have happened.

Nell: Ain’t that the truth, sunshine.

Me: Did you just say that in an American accent?

Nell: Yes, I rather enjoyed it to be honest.

Me: You’re in a good mood. I think the hydrotherapy is helping.

Nell: Yes, I have to agree. I do feel a little lighter on my paws.

Me: That’s going to make everyone very happy.

Nell: Everyone?

Me: There are hundreds of people out there who care a lot about you, Nell.

Nell: You mean a lot about us. And we care a lot about them, too.

Me: Yes, we do. Sorry.

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