Brave Nell

Me: Oh my darling Nell. You were so brave.

Nell: Yes, I was.

Me: Chloe sent me these photos. She said you were very good but you kept trying to sit down on the treadmill.

Nell: It was full of water and I was going nowhere.

Me: That’s the whole idea. You can have a gentle walk in lovely warm water.

Nell: If I’m going for a walk at least let me enjoy the scenery.

Me: Chloe said you had a lovely lie down for the lasering part.

Nell: Of course I did. Having walked miles in a water filled box anyone would need a rest.

Me: I’m sure it’s going to do you such a lot of good.

Nell: Well, I am a little achy today but as you know I’m not one to complain.

Me: Not about pain, Nell, but you don’t like milky tea, or sandwiches with the crusts on.

Nell: I have standards.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Chloe said Labradors are stoic.

Me: Yes, she did. I can’t bear to think of you in pain.

Nell: That’s why we don’t tell you.

Me: I just remembered when Poppy pulled a muscle and we took her to the vets. He was examining her and he said ‘I know you are hurting, Poppy, but you need to let me know where.’

Nell: And she didn’t?

Me: No. She gritted her teeth and refused to show any sign of weakness.

Nell: It’s a Terrier’s Way. They never give in. We Labradors are more concerned about not worrying anyone, especially those we love.

Me: I wish you’d told me. When you suffer, so do I.

Nell: It looks like I’ll just have to put up with this hydrotherapy nonsense then.

Me: Yes.

Nell: You and Me. Always. Remember?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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