David intervenes

Me: Dave looks worried.

Nell: Well, that’s hardly surprising after what happened yesterday.

Me: Do you mean with the mediation?

Nell: Yes, it didn’t go well at all.

Me: Was Stephen Seagull very rude?

Nell: He arrived with two thuggish looking Beefies armed with mackerel.

Me: Not a good start.

Nell: When asked politely by Poppy to leave the mackerel at the door they threw them at her.

Me: That’s not a very nice thing to do.

Nell: Fortunately she was armed with her sword so she sliced them in two.

Me: The thuggish Beefies? That might have been a little too forceful of her, Nell. Bloodshed on arrival.

Nell: No. She sliced the mackerel. Good grief.

Me: Oh, I see.

Nell: Benjamin was already inside with Henry and Horst on his hat.

Me: Good idea.

Nell: Poppy had provided a plate of scones but unfortunately David had eaten most of them by mistake so he was feeling a little sick by the time Stephen arrived.

Me: My poor Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: Benjamin quietly and politely stated his case and asked if he might be allowed to leave the Beefies due to General Unsuitability.

Me: Nice phrasing.

Nell: I thought so. Anyway, Stephen was furious. He started ranting and raving and called Benjamin a lot of really unpleasant names.

Me: How rude.

Nell: Yes. David was most unhappy. So he intervened.

Me: How?

Nell: He sat on him.

Me: Who?

Nell: Stephen Seagull.

Me: Gosh. Was he squashed?

Nell: Very.

Me: Not permanently though? He still survived?

Nell: Of course he did, minus a few feathers.

Me: Thank goodness. I was worried for a moment that Dave’s career as a mediator might be over.

Nell: I don’t think squashing a client is a good beginning.

Me: No. Sorry.

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