Most Undignified

Me: Dave is looking rather magnificent today.

Nell: He’s trying to copy John the Doberman.

Me: John the Doberman? What do you mean?

Nell: Haven’t you seen the way John sits when he is waiting for Poppy?

Me: Oh yes. He is just like a noble soldier on guard duty.

Nell: Yes. He likes to keep Poppy safe.

Me: Do you remember when we first met him and we weren’t sure if he was good or bad?

Nell: Stop right there. Remember some people haven’t read the book yet.

Me: Yes. Of course.

Nell: Talking of the book. We need to say a big thank you for all the reviews which are coming in now. People have been most kind.

Me: They certainly have. I hope they keep them coming as they really do make a difference.

Nell: They will. We couldn’t have done it without them as you say in the Acknowledgements at the end of the book.

Me: I hope people know I meant every word.

Nell: They know.

Me: As soon as I’ve worked out how to do it I’ll start gathering names and addresses for the signed book plates and work out costs for sending them out.

Nell: Well, I have enough time on my paws to help as I’m confined to home.

Me: You’re not confined to home, Nell. We had a gentle walk down to the pond and around the orchard yesterday. You enjoyed it.

Nell: The grass was lovely and soft underpaw but none of it made up for the indignity of the dressing gown belt.

Me: Kev was out with everyone and all the leads were in the car. I had to think fast and that was all I could find.

Nell: Most undignified. It was white and fluffy.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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