Poppy offers advice

Me: I think Poppy got a little too involved in the removal of the bees yesterday.

Nell: She was only offering advice.

Me: I don’t think the farmer’s wife wanted her advice.

Nell: Poppy is very knowledgeable you know.

Me: About bees?

Nell: Well, not exactly but she knew the area needed to be cleared so the beekeepers could get to them.

Me: Poppy stood in a plant pot and shouted.

Nell: I don’t think you are in any position to criticise the smaller members of our family for showing initiative.

Me: Maybe not.

Nell: You are a small person with big ideas.

Me: It’s a Welsh thing. We’re small but mighty.

Nell: Yes, and so is Poppy.

Me: The beekeepers were really careful , weren’t they?

Nell: They were.

Me: I think they were surprised when we all clapped.

Nell: They were shocked. They hadn’t realised we were watching from inside.

Me: I suppose it’s not every day you look up to see several dogs, a flamboyant cat, a flamingo, and two seagulls, one wearing a tank top.

Nell: Benjamin has a weak chest.

Me: Not to mention a turkey, an alpaca, a moose, a reindeer, a Canada goose, a penguin, a seal and two woodlice.

Nell: I don’t think they noticed Henry and Horst.

Me: You don’t know. Beekeepers have keen eyes.

Nell: Actually I think it was Rupert waving at them that surprised them most. I heard them say ‘Is that a wolf?’

Me: Was it his cardigan? Only you don’t expect to see a wolf wearing one.

Nell: No. I think it was his kind smile.

Me: He does have large teeth. It’s the Red Riding Hood thing. It’s given wolves a bad reputation.

Nell: Rupert has an excellent reputation.

Me: Yes, of course he does. Sorry.

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