Waiting for a delivery

Me: What are you all doing?

Nell: Waiting for a delivery.

Me: Is it the Daily Growl? I hope there isn’t an article about Princess falling down that hill yesterday? I’m not sure she wants everyone to know about it.

Nell: Yesterday’s incident is already trending on YouChewed so everyone already knows about it. Princess is delighted.

Me: So it’s not the newspapers?

Nell: No. It’s our order from the Farm Shop.

Me: Oh good. Poppy says we’re having roast beef tomorrow.

Nell: It’s today we’re interested in.

Me: Why?

Nell: David did the ordering.

Me: You have got to be joking. Who on earth thought that would be a good idea?

Nell: You did.

Me: I did?

Nell: Yes. You know that Harriet always writes the list for Poppy and phones it in.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Well, apparently you said to Poppy that your Big Brave Beautiful Boy needs to be trusted and given more responsibility.

Me: I did say that.

Nell: So Poppy decided to let him order this week’s delivery.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Let’s just say the vegetarians and pescatarians amongst us are going to go a little hungry.

Me: Has he ordered a lot of bacon then?

Nell: Yes. And sausages.

Me: Just right for a barbecue.

Nell: There’s more.

Me: There is?

Nell: Yes. Steak. But not any old steak.

Me: Oh.

Nell: David ordered a Tomahawk steak.

Me: That sounds frighteningly large.

Nell: Exactly.

Me: It was probably by mistake.

Nell: Nonsense. We heard him ask for the biggest steak they had.

Me: Don’t be cross with him.

Nell: I’m not. He was given the chance and he took it. One has to admire his audacity.

Me: Especially when you get to share a Tomahawk steak.

Nell: Sharing is caring.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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