Monday ramblings

Me: The puppies are panting again.

Nell: Of course they are. They need to regulate their temperature.

Me: Ah yes. We sweat. You pant.

Nell: Ladies don’t sweat. They perspire.

Me: You sound like my grandmother.

Nell: A wise lady no doubt.

Me: The llamas keep humming. Do you think they are nervous about something?

Nell: Why?

Me: I often hum when I’m nervous.

Nell: You hum when you’re happy and also when you’re concentrating.

Me: Let’s hope the llamas are happy then.

Nell: I wouldn’t worry about it. Everybody knows llamas hum.

Me: Actually Nell, we didn’t know that until someone told us yesterday.

Nell: There you are then.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: Now you know they hum you can hear it. They’ve always been humming but until you knew you never noticed.

Me: You might have a point there. It’s like ants. Once I’ve seen one I see them everywhere.

Nell: That’s because they are everywhere. Ants march in armies. If you want to know about them just ask Henry and Horst.

Me: Do woodlice eat ants?

Nell: Certainly not. They are vegetarians.

Me: Apparently ants are quite tasty on a salad, or honey buttered.

Nell: Honey buttered ants? The only thing I want honey buttered is a slice of toast, or possibly a crumpet.

Me: I agree. Can you believe it’s June already? The puppies will be 3 this month and Poppy will be 7. Where does time go?

Nell: I don’t know, but we need to make the most of it. Have you done your morning exercises yet?

Me: No. I missed Glide with Gladys because I was writing.

Nell: Well, that simply won’t do. You have to maintain your fitness. What does Gladys always say?

Me: ‘You mustn’t let the Glide slide.’ Sorry.

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