Happy Birthday Darling Faye

Me: This time last year Baby Snail finally arrived. My darling little granddaughter.

Nell: I remember it well.

Me: And now Rainbow is one.

Nell: Her name is Faye Raine.

Me: We usually call her Fayely Whaley.

Nell: I know. Why did you choose that photo of me?

Me: It makes me laugh. You didn’t really want to play puzzles.

Nell: I showed more enthusiasm than Poppy.

Me: True.

Nell: Do you want to hear Faye’s poem?

Me: Yes, please.

Nell: ‘This is a day for treats and fun

Because someone we love has just turned one.’

‘Someone we love?’ I hear you say.

‘Has just turned one? It must be Faye.

It can’t be Jonathan Sky’, you roar,

‘Because Jonathan Sky is nearly four.’

‘Of course it’s Faye and please remember

That Jonathan won’t be four ’til September.’

Me: Clever use of ’til there.

Nell: Thank you. May I continue?

Me: Please do.

Nell: ‘Now though you’re very far away

We’re with you in spirit darling Faye.

If we shout to the sky which is awfully blue

We know our message will get to you.

So Happy Birthday Fayely Whaley from all of us here.

We love you so much. We hold you so dear.

Being one is a truly wonderful thing.

It’s a reason to smile and wriggle and sing.

It’s a reason for cake and candles and laughter

And happiness always and forever after.

Granny and Grandpa, Harriet and Dave

Assorted animals and Poppy the Brave

Are all waving our paws and wagging our tails

And celebrating Fayely and birthdays and whales.

So stay safe my darlings and know this is true

We love you all Fayely and Happy Birthday to you.’

Me: Perfect.

Nell: Just like the family. No tears now. Not today.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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