All’s well that ends well

Me: Harriet’s hiding in the bushes.

Nell: I know. We have various operatives hidden throughout the property until PC Panda arrives.

Me: Is that why Gladys is wearing dark glasses and a raincoat?

Nell: No. That’s just a fashion statement.

Me: Why did Dave and Harriet bring Myfanwy and Lady Anwen back here?

Nell: David says he knew I would sort everything out because I always do.

Me: True.

Nell: And The Queen agrees.

Me: The Queen?

Nell: Yes. She joined us at Morning Thoughts.

Me: She did?

Nell: Yes. Via zoom. Do keep up.

Me: You could have told me.

Nell: You were writing. You know perfectly well that nobody is allowed to disturb you.

Me: So what’s next?

Nell: Knitwear Wolf insists that the real Myfanwy is still in there so we shall try and get her back.

Me: How?

Nell: No Good Boyo is sending a couple of Welsh Border Terriers to take her to Lampeter.

Me: That’s in the middle of nowhere.

Nell: Yes, but Auntie Gwen will sort her out.

Me: What about Lady Anwen?

Nell: She’s past saving.

Me: Barking mad?

Nell: Yes. I am rather annoyed but that corgi is completely unhinged. She’s going to Dartmoor Prison. PC Panda is collecting her later.

Me: She’ll still be in Devon, though.

Nell: Yes. We believe the Beefies will try and free her and Sally thinks Sven Gully is involved so we may trap a Beefy, or two.

Me: Excellent.

Nell: In the meantime the Welsh corgi choir are performing Sunday songs in the hope that they will warm Myfanwy’s heart before she leaves.

Me: So all’s well that ends well.

Nell: It will be when I’ve had some hot buttered toast and a cup of Earl Grey. Could you pour please?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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