Celebrating all Mothers Everywhere

Nell: What lovely photos.

Me: Yes, I thought I would put some old ones on today. It is a day for memories.

Nell: That’s you and me.

Me: Yes. It’s the first time I held you. 8 years ago. It was love at first sight, Nell. I dreamt about a black Labrador called Nell and there you were.

Nell: Yes. I chose well.

Me: Thank you. There are Dave and Harriet when they were puppies.

Nell: Yes, David has always been twice her size.

Me: And then there is you looking after baby Harriet.

Nell: She needed a great deal of looking after at first. She was such a tiny little thing. David was always there for her, of course, but he was only a pup himself.

Me: You were like a mother to them both. You still are.

Nell: But why today?

Me: It’s Mother’s Day all over the world.

Nell: Oh yes. Except here in the UK.

Me: I think it’s fine to celebrate all mothers with everyone else, though. We can never celebrate them enough.

Nell: So that’s why there is a photo of daughter Alice with the children.

Me: Yes, she is such a wonderful mother. I miss them all so much, Nell.

Nell: I know. You aren’t alone. There are thousands of families unable to celebrate together today.

Me: Yes.

Nell: A time will come soon, though, when we can all be together again and what celebrating there will be then.

Me: Yes.

Nell: That is a happy photo of you with your dear mother.

Me: Yes, I loved her so much. Sometimes I just can’t believe she has gone.

Nell: She hasn’t. She is watching over you. Always. Today and every day. That’s what mothers do. You know that.

Me: Yes, I do. Sorry.

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