Dave is exhausted

Nell: David fell asleep during Morning Thoughts again. Harriet and I were in the middle of a deep discussion and he started snoring.

Me: He’s probably exhausted trying to Keep Us All Safe.

Nell: He’s exhausted after staying up late with Gladys watching Petflix.

Me: It doesn’t matter, Nell. Let them have their fun.

Nell: You know they made bacon sandwiches at midnight?

Me: I thought I could smell bacon.

Nell: Mutley joined them. He thought it was the morning.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Joyce was not amused.

Me: Did you find out what she and Myfanwy were fighting about?

Nell: Yes. Myfanwy wants to join Knitwear Wolf on his rounds but she is not a key worker and should be staying home.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Joyce told her she was irresponsible but she says she can’t bear to be without him.

Me: Well, I have to say I am on Joyce’s side. We are all struggling with not seeing loved ones at the moment but we have no choice.

Nell: Yes. She is putting herself and others in danger. Knitwear Wolf has told her to stay home so hopefully she will listen.

Me: How is Dave coping without Sally?

Nell: He misses her dreadfully but she is needed in London. And there’s always bacon.

Me: When did Joyce move in, by the way?

Nell: A while ago. Mutley needs a lot of care now he is getting frailer so she offered to help.

Me: Maybe Myfanwy needs to move in with Knitwear Wolf.

Nell: Stop meddling.

Me: It’s very hard not to be with the ones you love, Nell.

Nell: We have the technology to keep in touch. Use it to let people know you are there for them. We are in this together.

Me: You’re right. Sorry.

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