Happy Birthday Nell

Me: Happy Birthday to you my darling Nell. You are eight today.

Nell: Thank you. Shall we start with the hat?

Me: I thought it was very Sally Bowles only brighter.

Nell: I’m a Labrador not a cabaret dancer but I see where you’re coming from. Now, let’s move on to the early morning singing.

Me: The Welsh corgi choir thought you would enjoy a selection of show tunes.

Nell: I particularly appreciated ‘Hello Nelly’ and how glad they were to have me back again even though I haven’t been anywhere.

Me: It’s from ‘Hello Dolly’.

Nell: I presume Gladys choreographed the dancing.

Me: I did tell her it was rather ambitious.

Nell: It certainly was, even without the tap dancing.

Me: Now, there will be cake later and a big barbecue for everyone in the evening.

Nell: Dare I ask what happens if it rains?

Me: We will all be wearing hats and carrying sequinned umbrellas.

Nell: Perhaps I might be allowed to watch through the window with a nice cup of Earl Grey and a warm blanket if it gets too rainy. I am 8 after all, so not as young as I used to be.

Me: I don’t like to think of you getting old, Nell.

Nell: I was only joking. 8 is the new 6.

Me: I wrote you a poem.

Nell: How lovely.

Me: ‘My darling Nell

You’re 8 today.

I love you more

Than words can say.

Where there’s me

There’s always you.

I can’t be me

Without you too.

So Happy Birthday from us all

Your loving family big and small.

You’re loved around the world, it’s true,

So thank you Nell for being you.’

Nell: Charlie would have approved.

Me: Yes, I wish he was here.

Nell: He is.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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