Unpredictable weather

Me: It was good to see Tony today.

Nell: Yes. I wish the puppies would learn a little restraint. Harriet has become quite wild recently. Throwing herself at everyone.

Me: She can’t help it, Nell. The puppies are naturally affectionate.

Nell: They are naturally greedy. Tony brought treats. If you noticed, I waited politely at the back to receive mine.

Me: I know, Miss Goody Two Shoes.

Nell: I never wear shoes and if I did, two would not be enough. I wear slippers, obviously, and socks in winter and the occasional wellington boot.

Me: Talking of boots. The large animals were showing me theirs.

Nell: Yes, they got them for our visit to the Palace and now they don’t want to take them off.

Me: I don’t blame them. They are very smart.

Nell: I’ve told them repeatedly that slippers have to be worn inside and boots left at the door.

Me: Shame.

Nell: We can’t have mud and sand traipsed all over the house. There are children and small animals playing.

Me: Wasn’t that sand storm dreadful yesterday?

Nell: Yes, I’m glad the photoshoot was cancelled. I couldn’t see my paws in front of my face.

Me: We’re rescheduling for next week in his studio.

Nell: Yes. The weather here is simply too unpredictable. My friend Pamela forgot her umbrella yesterday and got soaked leaving the hairdressers.

Me: What kind of haircuts do Bernese Mountain Dogs get?

Nell: They don’t. They have self regulating hair. She goes for a wash and blow dry.

Me: I see.

Nell: I noticed you were wearing your all encasing hat on the beach yesterday.

Me: Yes. Why?

Nell: Were you going to wear it again for the photoshoot?

Me: Maybe. It’s very me.

Nell: The photoshoot is inside.

Me: Oh yes. Sorry.

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