That’s just showing off

Me: What are you and Poppy staring at?

Nell: A group of Beefies in rather stylish trench coats carrying handbags.

Me: Of course. Silly me.

Nell: They were obviously from the new Birdberry range.

Me: You would think it would be difficult to fly in a trench coat, wouldn’t you?

Nell: They wear belts you know.

Me: I didn’t know.

Nell: You can’t wear a trench coat without a belt. Do keep up.

Me: I’m surprised they need handbags.

Nell: I think they only use the bags for mackerel which is a crying shame.

Me: It certainly is.

Nell: But what can you do?

Me: Not a lot I suspect.

Nell: No.

Me: Some of the conversations we have are a little strange, aren’t they?

Nell: No. Why?

Me: Discussing seagulls wearing trench coats carrying mackerel in handbags.

Nell: I see nothing strange in that. Have you seen Henry and Horst today?

Me: No.

Nell: They are wearing berets and smocks.

Me: Why?

Nell: Timothy says they have discovered their inner artist.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Quite. They are talking about holding an exhibition of their work.

Me: It won’t be a very big one.

Nell: No. They need a much larger body of work before they can even think of exhibiting.

Me: That’s not what I meant, but you are right.

Nell: Of course I am.

Me: Any news on Dave’s invitation to the Palace?

Nell: No. There was no post yesterday so we are hoping to hear today. David needs some good news.

Me: My poor Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: Well, that’s just showing off.

Me: What is?

Nell: Those Beefies in berets and moustaches. Ridiculous.

Me: Are they wearing smocks, too?

Nell: No. They are wearing trench coats. I told you that before.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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