Nell: Why anyone would choose to be a diplomat is completely beyond me.

Me: But you are so good at it.

Nell: It’s absolutely exhausting. Do you know that corgi actually sniffed at one of Poppy’s scones?

Me: No?

Nell: And asked if they were shop bought.

Me: Shocking.

Nell: I said ‘Lady Anwen, these are Poppy’s award winning scones. People travel from far and wide just to taste one.’

Me: Good for you.

Nell: David ate three by mistake.

Me: I don’t blame him.

Nell: He was supposed to be handing them round.

Me: He was just showing solidarity.

Nell: He’s terrified of her.

Me: Why?

Nell: She’s taken a shine to him. She calls him her Handsome Boy.

Me: What? He is my Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: She says he would be perfect for Myfanwy and the palace would love him.

Me: Sally can’t be pleased about that.

Nell: I told her. Young people must be allowed to make their own decisions.

Me: Quite right too.

Nell: But she kept saying: ‘A wolf, Eleanor? We can’t have a wolf in the family.’

Me: Who is Eleanor?

Nell: It’s my full name.

Me: No, it isn’t. You are Nell.

Nell: I am usually Nell but there are times when I am Eleanor and this is one of them.

Me: If she met Knitwear Wolf she would change her mind. He is such a charming wolf.

Nell: Exactly. So I am having a dinner party and everyone is invited.

Me: Even the large beasts?

Nell: Of course not. I mean Myfanwy, Knitwear Wolf and Lady Anwen.

Me: Can I come?

Nell: I think not. Charlie will join me in hosting and we will sit Mutley next to Lady Anwen.

Me: But he can’t hear.

Nell: Exactly.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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