An eventful dinner party

Nell: Where’s David?

Me: Having cuddles and telling Tony about yesterday’s dinner party.

Nell: It was certainly eventful.

Me: Why?

Nell: Lady Anwen nearly choked on a fish.

Me: I didn’t know Poppy was serving fish.

Nell: She wasn’t. Someone threw a mackerel through the window.

Me: Why was the window open?

Nell: Because the Welsh corgi choir were singing outside. But that’s not the point.

Me: Why did Lady Anwen eat it?

Nell: She used to play netball in her younger days so when it came flying in she caught it.

Me: In her mouth?

Nell: Obviously. Luckily Knitwear Wolf knows the Dry Stick Manoeuvre.

Me: Don’t you mean the Heimlich manoeuvre?

Nell: No. You simply hit the person choking on the back with a stick or, in this case, a baguette.

Me: Good for Rupert.

Nell: Yes. It was a tense moment.

Me: I presume the Beefies were behind it?

Nell: Of course. Fortunately Gladys performed a contemporary dance before any questions could be asked.

Me: Quick thinking.

Nell: It was a frosty start until Charlie said ‘May I introduce Prince Rupert?’ and her eyes lit up.

Me: I bet they did.

Nell: She had no idea that Knitwear Wolf was royal.

Me: He isn’t. It’s just where he comes from in Canada.

Nell: I know that and you know that, but she doesn’t.

Me: No.

Nell: At dinner Mutley was on her left and nodded regularly in an interested way.

Me: Who was on her right?

Nell: Rupert. He was wearing an elegant knitted suit and was charm personified. He soon had her eating out of his paw.

Me: I don’t think he should have been feeding her, Nell. She can do that on her own.

Nell: Not literally. I despair of you sometimes.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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