The auditions continue

Me: That’s Little Ollie. Hasn’t he grown?

Nell: He certainly has and he’s becoming quite a handful according to Tony. In fact he reminds me of a young Naughty Nigel.

Me: You mean he is a lovable scallywag?

Nell: Yes. He has been getting up to all kinds of mischief.

Me: So what is he doing in that photo?

Nell: Auditioning. He wants to be a Merry Dog.

Me: He looks more like a vampire to me. What’s that in his mouth?

Nell: Wool. Tony says Sue was busy working on her crafts for Christmas when Ollie stole her wool.

Me: Naughty boy. Maybe he should join the Beefies as one of Knitwear Wolf’s baddies.

Nell: The Beefies still have to prove themselves.

Me: How are they going to do that?

Nell: Stephen Seagull will be performing his version of ‘My Way’ this afternoon with a chorus of Beefies. You can come along if you’re interested.

Me: Where is he doing that?

Nell: On the cliff top overlooking the beach. It’s ridiculously theatrical, of course, but Charlie says we must give him a chance.

Me: Who is in the other photo?

Nell: It’s Gorgeous George of course. Poppy met him on the beach and he is keen to join our production.

Me: I don’t think I know him.

Nell: You must do. Everyone knows Gorgeous George. He’s one of the top models.

Me: Is he?

Nell: Knitwear Wolf has been trying to get him to model his small dog range for quite some time.

Me: He certainly has style.

Nell: Yes. You should see him on the dogwalk.

Me: Well, I probably will if he walks on the beach.

Nell: No. I’m talking about modelling.

Me: Oh, you mean the catwalk.

Nell: I most certainly do not.

Me: Ok. Sorry.

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