Gladys makes a reckless decision

Me: Harriet is a bit of a ladette on the quiet isn’t she?

Nell: What are you talking about?

Me: She looks sweet and delicate but actually she’s feisty and daring. Always first in the sea and running off with the ball.

Nell: Have you been talking to Gladys?

Me: No. Why?

Nell: She has made some unusual and quite frankly reckless decisions on the casting of ‘Robin Woof and his Merry Dogs’.

Me: Has she?

Nell: Some of the Merry Dogs aren’t even dogs.

Me: That is a little reckless.

Nell: Nobody could mistake either Henry, or Horst for a dog if they tried.

Me: I think they will be brilliant. They are such team players.

Nell: She wants Harriet to play Will Scarlet.

Me: Robin Woof’s right hand man?

Nell: Exactly. And Knitwear Wolf is the bad Sheriff of Nottingham when everyone knows he is a good wolf.

Me: But that’s part of the fun, Nell. Playing against type. Who are the other baddies?

Nell: Unsurprisingly Poppy is Guy of Gisbourne.

Me: She loves a good sword fight.

Nell: Yes. But choosing Malcolm as bad King John.

Me: Malcolm?

Nell: You couldn’t find a politer flamingo.

Me: He will love it.

Nell: He is delighted. He’s with The Cat now trying on crowns.

Me: What about Little John?

Nell: Alejandro. He’s large enough I suppose.

Me: I thought it would be Dave.

Nell: No. David has been chosen to play Robin Woof.

Me: Oh my darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. Finally playing the leading role.

Nell: Yes, and Sally is his Maid Marian.

Me: All his dreams have come true.

Nell: Just like mine did yesterday.

Me: Exactly. I feel quite emotional.

Nell: There’s no time for emotions. You and I are writing the script.

Me: Gosh. Sorry.

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