Cuddles for Charlie

Me: You’re smiling.

Nell: I know.

Me: And so is Charlie. What’s going on?

Nell: Well, you know Charlie has been getting special therapy?

Me: Yes. You said you were leaving no stone unturned.

Nell: I never mentioned stones. I said we were going to try anything and everything to give him as much time as we could.

Me: That’s what I meant.

Nell: The heart is a complex thing.

Me: Yes, in so many ways.

Nell: And since we heard that Charlie had congestive heart failure we have been taking one day at a time and enjoying each moment left to us.

Me: I know. So why are you smiling?

Nell: We went to see Charlie’s vet.

Me: Yes.

Nell: The one who said he might not make it through the summer and definitely wouldn’t make Christmas.

Me: Yes.

Nell: And the thing is. The truly wonderful thing is that Charlie no longer has any congestion around his heart so he is no longer in congestive heart failure.

Me: You mean he’s out of danger?

Nell: All his pulses are strong. He still has an arrhythmia but unless he has a prolonged intense spasm she doubts it will kill him.

Me: Oh my goodness Nell. That’s wonderful news.

Nell: Yes, it is.

Me: I’m in tears. Our darling Charlie.

Nell: So now we can celebrate his 8th birthday.

Me: It’s his birthday?

Nell: It was yesterday but we wanted to wait.

Me: Does Poppy know?

Nell: Yes, she is baking a cake as we speak. A lemon drizzle. His favourite. David is doing the icing.

Me: Where is Charlie? I need to cuddle him right now.

Nell: You will have to join the queue. Since we told everyone at Morning Thoughts the cuddles haven’t stopped.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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