Sadie spills the beans

Nell: In the end it was the perfectly ripe Brie that did it.

Me: I thought it might.

Nell: Sadie couldn’t resist any longer.

Me: So she finally spilled the beans?

Nell: Beans have no place on a cheese board. Have you ever heard anyone say it was the sight of baked beans that tipped them over the edge?

Me: No, but it’s possible. Anyway, what did she say?

Nell: Sadie is Sally’s sister.

Me: But Sally never mentioned her.

Nell: Same litter but different owners. Sally went to live in the countryside with a kind family but Sadie’s life took a different course.

Me: Poor Sadie.

Nell: Don’t feel sorry for her. She chose to be bad. She is completely devoted to Ramson Hunter and the Black Claw.

Me: So why did she pretend to be Sally?

Nell: The Black Claw have being trying to recruit Sally for a long time to no avail. They wanted her excellent contacts.

Me: She does have a busy social diary.

Nell: Not to socialise. To gain power in the animal community.

Me: I see.

Nell: Ramson and a couple of ruthless rams abducted Sally on her way to visit us and Sadie took her place.

Me: So where is Sally now?

Nell: Imprisoned at Beefy Mansion as we suspected.

Me: So what’s the plan?

Nell: Fortunately Poppy was able to borrow a chinook so we are flying up there now.

Me: Who is we? Only I’m a bit scared of heights.

Nell: Myself, Knitwear Wolf, Handsome, Gladys, Alejandro, The Cat and Sadie, of course. Harriet needs to stay here in case David gets in touch.

Me: Sadie doesn’t really deserve a flight in a helicopter if you ask me.

Nell: Sadie is our bargaining chip. Do keep up.

Me: I see. Sorry.

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