Happy Howl-oween

Me: Hello gourd-geous. Happy Howl-oween.

Nell: Here we go. Where is your hat?

Me: Upstairs.

Nell: You heard what was decided at Morning Thoughts ‘Hats must be worn at all times.’

Me: But it’s my all encasing hat and it’s ever so warm.

Nell: It needs a brim. We’ve told you this. Get a sombrero from The Cat.

Me: Why would Gully want to hypnotise me?

Nell: To gain access to The Great Mutliano of course.

Me: Where is Poppy? I haven’t seen her this morning.

Nell: She is still in bed. Yesterday was exhausting and we may need her sword skills tonight.

Me: I don’t know why Mutley doesn’t just cancel the show.

Nell: Cancel the show? The Great Mutliano is not going to bow to a Beefy.

Me: What if they come in disguise?

Nell: All visitors must show their invitations and costumes will be checked. We cannot be too careful.

Me: Yes. That ghost without saying.

Nell: Do stop.

Me: Who is on the door? Dave?

Nell: We are not going to put David on the door. He is vulnerable to mistakes.

Me: True.

Nell: Knitwear Wolf is head of security along with Jim and the Farm Dogs.

Me: I love Knitwear Wolf’s costume by the way. A knitted ghost. Hilarious.

Nell: Knitwear Wolf isn’t here. He’s in Torquay meeting Ron Gilbert the Great Dane. Ron is going on the door.

Me: Good. The Beefies are scared of him. That will give them pumpkin to talk about.

Nell: Wait. Where did you see the knitted ghost?

Me: Going inside the house with the morning papers. He waved. But if it isn’t Knitwear Wolf, who is it?

Nell: I have a bad feeling about this. Call for help now. Mutley is in danger.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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