Me: This is a difficult day for me, Nell.

Nell: Yes. We all miss her too, you know.

Me: Thank you for the photos of my mother.

Nell: The one with Cousin Seamus and Naughty Nigel when he was just a puppy reminds me of how she loved her garden.

Me: Yes. I love the smiling one. She was so happy.

Nell: She was with you.

Me: I wish I could see her again. Just once.

Nell: Close your eyes and you will.

Me: You are right.

Nell: We will celebrate her life today.

Me: Yes. She loved life so much.

Nell: She certainly did. David will sing later and Gladys will perform a contemporary dance.

Me: Lovely.

Nell: I’ve asked them to be discreet but one never knows.

Me: I don’t mind.

Nell: I know you don’t.

Me: I’m so glad we found her final resting place. It will be good to have somewhere to go now to talk to her, Nell. It is such a beautiful spot high on a hill overlooking the countryside.

Nell: It is lovely.

Me: Yes. It is just so hard to say goodbye.

Nell: “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

Me: J. M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan.

Nell: Yes. Wise words.

Me: My mother loved that story.

Nell: You understand that we can’t all be with you, don’t you?

Me: Yes.

Nell: You are going to the hotel for lunch after the ceremony and unfortunately they don’t take flamingos, or alpacas.

Me: I understand.

Nell: I just spoke to the manager, however, and he is happy for me to accompany you.

Me: So you will be with me?

Nell: I am always with you.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

Nell: No need for sorry. Not today.

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