Jonathan Sky is Three today

Me: How can Jonathan Sky be 3 today? He was only one yesterday.

Nell: Yes. I have written a poem. Would you like to hear it?

Me: Yes, please.

Nell: ‘Mutley, Harriet, Dave and Poppy

Come over here and listen to me.

Alejandro, Gladys and Timothy too,

Malcolm, Susan and the Welsh Corgi crew.

Little Marvin and Ollie, Jim and The Cat,

Charlie and Sally, Knitwear Wolf in a hat.

The Whippets Institute in their mini bus

And everyone everywhere who knows about us.

Today we are happy as happy can be

Because Jonathan Sky has just turned three.’

‘Turned three?’ you ask. ‘Can it be true?’

‘Oh yes,’ I reply. ‘I thought that you knew.’

‘I did wonder,’ you say. ‘ He was looking quite wise.

I could tell by his hair and the smile in his eyes.

Will there be cake?’

‘Yes, and ice creams and fun

And cuddles and laughter and places to run.

He’s a big brother now to Baby Faye Raine

So there are bound to be kisses again and again.

Granny and Grandpa are over the moon

They know they’ll be seeing them both very soon.’

‘Are they coming to visit us then?’ you reply.

‘Are we going to party with Jonathan Sky?’

‘We certainly are, and this is no jest

Because partying is something the Martins do best.

So Happy Birthday to you from the place by the sea

Where the Beefies are naughty as naughty can be

Where wolves wear cardigans and terriers bake cake

And David eats so many meals by mistake.

Where alpacas and Pomeranians dance in the sun

And people and animals simply have fun.

So let’s all celebrate this wonderful day

Because we love you, dear boy, more than words can say.’

Me: Perfect.

Nell: No tears.

Me: Sorry.

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