A touch of the Mondays

Me: Has Poppy calmed down after yesterday?

Nell: Yes, but she is having a touch of the Mondays, so I am watching over her.

Me: The Mondays?

Nell: Yes, we all have them now and again. Beginning of the week, lots to do, slight disgruntlement. You know the feeling.

Me: Yes, I do. Is Malcolm forgiven?

Nell: Yes. He’s promised not to let Knitwear Wolf near the kitchen again.

Me: I’m sure Rupert meant well. He is a really friendly wolf.

Nell: Yes. He appears to regret yesterday’s mishap. He brought Poppy a flower with the papers this morning.

Me: Yes, a knitted poppy. So thoughtful. I wonder who is doing the knitting, though?

Nell: I have no idea. The Welsh corgis are denying any involvement but Myfanwy has a sly look about her.

Me: I saw Henry the woodlouse just now and he looks twice the size.

Nell: That will be his brother Horst then. They look very similar. Although David says Horst can be a little standoffish.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Now, Kev’s 60th Birthday celebrations are continuing today so what time are our visitors expected?

Me: About 4:30.

Nell: Cream tea time. Poppy’s made some fresh scones and Gladys can pick up the clotted cream after her class.

Me: Class?

Nell: She and Alejandro are booked in for a dance class at 2pm.

Me: Ballroom?

Nell: Yes. Alejandro needs to work on his Foxtrot.

Me: You’d think the trotting part would be easy for him with his hooves.

Nell: What are you talking about?

Me: But there is nothing foxy about an alpaca, is there?

Nell: It’s got nothing to do with foxes. Go and check on the jam situation. David ate a jar by mistake and it might have been the last.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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