Wednesday ear rubs

Me: Where is Dave?

Nell: Having ear rubs with Kev.

Me: There is nothing wrong with his ears. You’re the one with the ear infection.

Nell: I know. The silly animal watches my ears being rubbed and then asks for his to be done.

Me: It’s actually rather sweet.

Nell: He adores it.

Me: Any news from Nigel?

Nell: He’s missing home but bravely persevering. He’s managed to get the name of the nasty recruiter.

Me: What is it?

Nell: Hunter.

Me: Do we know what kind of dog he is?

Nell: No. We don’t even know if he is a dog.

Me: Hunter sounds like a wolf.

Nell: A little unlikely, but possible. He might well be a cat.

Me: True.

Nell: After all Mutley’s arch enemy, Compton Pauncefoot, is a cat.

Me: Maybe he’s part of The Black Claw.

Nell: I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Walter Pigeon came to see me this morning.

Me: Why?

Nell: He heard about our difficulties and wondered if we would like him to go undercover.

Me: How did he hear?

Nell: Eavesdropping, of course. He’s fully prepared to wear a black toupee and a newsboy cap.

Me: Why on earth would he do that?

Nell: He wants to join the Beaky Blinders. Do keep up.

Me: Oh. I see. Rather him than Malcolm.

Nell: Malcolm?

Me: Yes. I saw a few of them talking to Malcolm earlier when he was hanging out the washing.

Nell: We can’t have that.

Me: It has to dry, Nell.

Nell: No. Not the washing. I meant talking to the Beaky Blinders.

Me: I wouldn’t worry. I don’t think Malcolm wants to join.

Nell: Of course he doesn’t want to join. They were probably threatening him.

Me: Oh. I didn’t realise. Sorry.

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