What do Ecuardorians eat for breakfast?

Nell: I’m glad to see little Ollie is wearing his seatbelt.

Me: Yes. Tony says he is a bit of a scallywag. I can’t wait to meet him.

Nell: Once he has had all his inoculations he will be able to visit us.

Me: What was Poppy whispering to you and Dave by the way?

Nell: If she was whispering, and I am not saying she was, then it would have been confidential and none of your business.

Me: Oh, I just wondered.

Nell: If you must know she was asking what Ecuardorians usually eat for breakfast?

Me: Why?

Nell: Perhaps because we have an Ecuardorian alpaca asleep in a hammock in the garden and he’s going to be hungry when he wakes up.

Me: Oh yes. I forgot. What do they eat?

Nell: Café con humitas will do for now. Although a few empanadas de verde would probably be welcomed but I’m not sure we have any green plantain.

Me: Gosh. I was thinking boiled eggs and soldiers.

Nell: In Ecuador? David suggested bacon sandwiches but then he always does.

Me: It’s so lovely to have Gladys home again. Everyone was dancing.

Nell: Where did those chihuahuas come from? I didn’t invite them.

Me: I have no idea but I loved the hats.

Nell: David and Alejandro are going surfing later.

Me: Do alpacas surf?

Nell: I don’t see why not, although paddle boarding might be a better idea.

Me: Alejandro is awfully sweet with his Ecuadorian accent.

Nell: Harriet offered to teach him English but Gladys gave her a hard stare.

Me: Gladys is in no position to be jealous with three suitors. Although I can’t see Count Bingo crying into his cornflakes for long.

Nell: Count Bingo doesn’t eat cornflakes. He likes muesli with fresh berries.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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