Happy Birthday Dave and Harriet

Me: Happy Birthday Dave and Harriet. Nice hats.

Nell: Yes. The Cat wants hats to be worn all day. Yours is inside. Turning two is an important milestone in the puppies’ lives and should be celebrated.

Me: So what’s the plan?

Nell: Well, they had Morning Thoughts with Mutley first thing and then bacon sandwiches with the roofers. They are cleaning up as the roof is finally finished.

Me: Thank goodness.

Nell: There will be present opening soon followed by a walk and an early lunch with the family. Poppy is preparing poached salmon and new potatoes.

Me: Has Sally arrived?

Nell: We are expecting her any minute. She is going to surprise David as he thinks she is still in London.

Me: Is she going to leap out of a cake?

Nell: Sally is a Golden Retriever. She isn’t going to leap out of anything. Good grief. I mean imagine the size of carrot cake Malcolm would have to make and the mess.

Me: I didn’t mean a real cake.

Nell: Sally is going to ring the doorbell. She has class.

Me: It was just an idea.

Nell: Guests will start arriving at 3pm so I have suggested a nap after lunch. David was awake at 5am singing ‘I’m a lovely Birthday boy’. Harriet was not amused.

Me: He can’t help getting excited.

Nell: He and Gladys didn’t need to start tap dancing though.

Me: No wonder Harriet looks tired.

Nell: I don’t believe it. The Whippets Institute have arrived early and are heading for the bouncy castle.

Me: At least they are all wearing hats and they’ve taken off their shoes. Some of the Welsh corgis forgot.

Nell: You mean they are in there too?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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