After the party

Me: What a welcome home.

Nell: Yes. It was a good party. Poppy and David are still sleeping. Malcolm is doing breakfast this morning so she can have a lie in. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Poppy’s favourite.

Me: Good. I can’t believe I forgot her birthday yesterday.

Nell: Fortunately we didn’t. The Cat excelled itself on the decorations.

Me: John the Doberman is an elegant dancer. He and Poppy certainly know how to tango.

Nell: Yes. Amazingly light footed for a large animal. Mind you, Mutley’s Pasa Doble is hard to beat. Although I still think Gladys shouldn’t have been the bullfighter.

Me: Even Charlie got on the dance floor for a gentle waltz.

Nell: Yes. He says he feels stronger. We are taking each day as it comes.

Me: Chris and Shannon should be arriving in Totnes about 5pm.

Nell: I’m not sure David will cope with all this excitement. He was actually lost for words when you walked through the door.

Me: He is such a dear good boy.

Nell: He was too emotional to sing the welcome home song he wrote you.

Me: Yes. I have never been licked so much in my life. Harriet was the same. They both climbed on to my lap.

Nell: You were missed. By us all.

Me: I noticed you did a little dance when you saw me at the station.

Nell: Yes. My emotions ran away with me.

Me: It was lovely to cuddle you again. Especially as you aren’t always very cuddly.

Nell: Exceptions can be made in times of great joy.

Me: So I am a great joy?

Nell: You know you are. Stop fishing. We have to get the house ready for Chris and Shannon and Poppy will need her breakfast tray.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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