Saturday adjustments

Nell: So, how is Berlin?

Me: Lovely. Dave looks a bit low.

Nell: Yes. We are having quite a time of it here. David came upstairs expecting his morning cuddles and found you gone.

Me: Poor darling boy.

Nell: Then Chris wasn’t there either and now he’s decided everyone is probably leaving him and flying off to Berlin, except possibly Malcolm.

Me: Why Malcolm?

Nell: Apparently Malcolm has a kind heart. Gladys says her heart is just as kind but if she and Harriet flew to Berlin right now it would be his own stupid fault.

Me: But Gladys can’t fly.

Nell: She was just making a point. David said kind hearted people didn’t call their friends stupid so now they aren’t talking.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: They will be fine. Anyway, how was the journey?

Me: Well, it started out well. Chris and I met Shannon at Heathrow as she had arrived from Toronto and we flew to Berlin together.

Nell: Good. I’m looking forward to seeing that sweet girl again.

Me: Unfortunately the flight was delayed and the taxi driver got lost so we didn’t arrive at our apartment until gone 10pm.

Nell: Extremely late.

Me: Yes. Alice and Faye were there to greet us. She is the most gorgeous little thing you ever saw, except for Jonathan Sky of course.

Nell: Have you seen him yet?

Me: No, it was so late yesterday he had fallen asleep but they are coming over soon for a family brunch and a day by the lake.

Nell: I’m sure you will have a wonderful time together.

Me: What are your plans?

Nell: I think today will simply be a day of adjustment. We are missing a piece of our puzzle, if you know what I mean. But only for now.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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