Waiting for Chris

Me: What are you three doing?

Nell: Waiting.

Me: Chris won’t be here until this afternoon you know.

Nell: Yes. We know. We are waiting for something else.

Me: Your breakfast to go down?

Nell: No. The boiled eggs were excellently dippy this morning and Malcolm’s homemade bread made delightful soldiers.

Me: There is no point in waiting for the roofers to stop. We have days and days of this to go.

Nell: We know. David is Roofing Liaison Officer. He has his paw on the pulse.

Me: Well, what is it then?

Nell: We are waiting for you to finally stop tracking Chris’s flight on your iBone.

Me: Oh.

Nell: Don’t imagine that we aren’t aware of you sneaking a peak throughout the night.

Me: I can’t help it.

Nell: You will be ridiculously overtired and grumpy by the time he actually arrives.

Me: I know.

Nell: We recommend a late morning snooze in the hammock so you can gather your strength before we drive to the station.

Me: But he hasn’t landed yet.

Nell: After he has landed. It’s not long now. His flight is due in the next hour.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Talking of waiting, there is a pot of Earl Grey and some lightly buttered toast waiting downstairs for you to enjoy. Mutley has the morning papers.

Me: Thank you.

Nell: Try and relax. He will be here before you know it. Remember, a watched bowl never fills.

Me: You are right. Sorry.

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