David is caring

Me: Where is Dave?

Nell: David is keeping Mutley warm and safe during his Saturday lie-in, although there is more of him out of the bed than in, to be honest.

Me: Was Mutley cold then?

Nell: No, but the weather has changed and David worries about Mutley. He’s in charge of Family Well Being at weekends.

Me: Talking of worrying what a wonderful reaction to our post yesterday.

Nell: Yes. People were very kind and brave too. There was a real feeling of community.

Me: We are lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Nell: We are. Now, what is your opinion on the Eurovision Song Contest?

Me: I’m rather conflicted.

Nell: David and Gladys have suggested an evening of spontaneous dancing. They’ve invited Count Bingo.

Me: Is he still carrying a torch for Gladys?

Nell: No. There is no need on these light evenings but he is very keen on her. It will never happen, of course.

Me: Why? There have been stranger things than Pomeranians and flamingos.

Nell: Have there really, though?

Me: No. Probably not.

Nell: David is dressing in his ABBA outfit. We need to find you something.

Me: I might be a little too old for this.

Nell: Rubbish. The Cat is bringing over its dressing up box and Poppy is making a European buffet.

Me: What about Harriet?

Nell: She says she may be going out so we aren’t to count on her.

Me: Where is she going?

Nell: I don’t know. We can’t keep her tied to our apron strings. She will be two next month.

Me: We need to organise a big party for the puppies’ birthday. They missed out last year.

Nell: Yes. The kidnapping.

Me: Charlie was so brave and so were you.

Nell: Charlie is always brave and never more so than now.

Me: I know. Sorry.

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