Love is

Me: Love is you and Kev in the sunshine.

Nell: We were simply enjoying some quiet time by the beach.

Me: And a sausage sizzle.

Nell: Grilled sausages in a fresh bap might have been involved.

Me: Everyone deserves a treat now and again.

Nell: Yes, all Labradors know that treats are meant for sharing.

Me: You certainly do.

Nell: Now, we need to talk about costumes. I’ve managed to steer David and Gladys away from dressing up as chicks for Easter. We have enough birds in our lives without pretending to be one.

Me: Yes. The Beefies were shouting at tourists again down on the quay.

Nell: They have turned nasty since the French rooks left. Planning their next evil campaign no doubt. The devil finds work for idle beaks.

Me: You mean hands.

Nell: No, I don’t. Poppy thinks it’s going to be pasties.

Me: Pasties?

Nell: Yes. The tourists love them. Rumour has it that the Beefies are launching fish Pasties from their Starbeaks cafe in Salcombe.

Me: They sound rather tasty.

Nell: You know the fish will be stolen.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Out of bins as well as off boats.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: And the pastry will be shop bought not homemade like Poppy and Malcolm’s.

Me: Why doesn’t Poppy launch her own version with prawns? Malcolm loves prawn shells. They keep him pink.

Nell: Poppy’s Prawn Pasties? You might actually have a good idea there.

Me: I do sometimes you know.

Nell: But not always. Were you involved in the Easter flower costumes?

Me: I may have been.

Nell: Harriet is a beautiful tulip and Gladys can pass as a daisy if pushed, but David will never be a daffodil. If he is going to be a flower he will have to be a giant sunflower, or a hollyhock at the very least.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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