Keeping a secret

Me: There is a hole in the bedroom carpet.

Nell: Yes. We are aware.

Me: Dave looks really worried.

Nell: I know he does.

Me: It’s not like him to do that.

Nell: He didn’t do it.

Me: Why the guilty face then?

Nell: He knows who did.

Me: So?

Nell: The culprit will not go unpunished.

Me: I need to know.

Nell: I am using this as part of David’s training. He is finding it very hard not to reveal the culprit’s identity.

Me: That’s because he is a good, honest boy.

Nell: Yes, but we are living in a world of danger and subterfuge where David must learn to keep a secret.

Me: My bedroom carpet is ruined.

Nell: You are missing the point. Do you want us all to be put at risk with idle tittle tattle?

Me: No.

Nell: Do you want NOIR to make millions with their illegal diamond smuggling?

Me: Certainly not?

Nell: And the Beefies to continue flying around with diamond baguettes crowing over us all?

Me: Beefies don’t really crow. It’s more of a scream.

Nell: That’s not the point. Do you want the identity of Savoiardi never to be known?

Me: We have to unmask Sponge Finger.

Nell: Exactly. So stop trying to force David to reveal his secret and move on. He is doing this for us all.

Me: Yes. You are right. Sorry.

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