Nell: That is the worst disguise I have ever seen.

Me: It’s an all encasing hat. You aren’t even wearing anything.

Nell: I am wearing a boy’s collar.

Me: You always wear that collar. It’s your favourite one.

Nell: Never mind. We were in a rush. Can you see any diamonds? That passing poodle said it saw a baguette fall from the sky near here.

Me: No. I took a photo of something sparkly but it was only a stone.

Nell: By the way, Myfanwy, one of the Welsh corgis, lost a tooth on a diamond this morning.

Me: No?

Nell: She ordered a crab baguette and thought she had bitten on a piece of shell.

Me: It can happen with crab.

Nell: Yes. Imagine her surprise. Fortunately we are in the same WoofsApp group so she let me know at once. Thank goodness for iBones.

Me: Did someone collect the diamond?

Nell: David and Gladys were performing in the vicinity so they picked it up. They shared the rest of the baguette.

Me: That was a bit risky.

Nell: The Daily Growl are sending someone over to cover the story. Word is spreading.

Me: I hope it’s not a cub reporter.

Nell: They don’t employ bears anymore as far as I know. It will probably be a Jack Russell.

Me: It will definitely annoy Sponge Finger.

Nell: You mean Savoiardi. Myfanwy isn’t best pleased because it’s her middle tooth but as I said to her ‘If it works for Madonna, dear.’

Me: Madonna only has a gap between her teeth, Nell. Not a whole tooth missing.

Nell: Whatever.

Me: The Beefies could get into serious trouble with NOIR over their carelessness.

Nell: It’s their own fault.

Me: It goes to show Diamonds aren’t always a Gull’s best friend.

Nell: Good grief. Just keep looking, please.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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