Count your blessings

Me: I like that photo of Harriet.

Nell: Yes, she was enjoying the sunshine yesterday. We had an outside day as it was so warm.

Me: This time last year we were waiting for snow and the Beast from the East.

Nell: I remember, and this year people were in shorts and t shirts and even swimming in the sea.

Me: You swim in the sea all year.

Nell: I am a Labrador. We were made to swim.

Me: Like seals. You have seal eyes.

Nell: I wish you would stop comparing me to a seal. They are ungainly creatures.

Me: We are actually very lucky, Nell. I know it doesn’t feel like it with Charlie’s illness but it’s true.

Nell: Yes. Charlie was saying how much he appreciates all the love around him.

Me: Why are you frowning?

Nell: There is a rather large seagull hammering on the front door.

Me: What?

Nell: It looks extremely angry and it’s shouting.

Me: What is it saying?

Nell: “Malcolm Martin. I know you are in there. Where is my daughter?”

Me: Malcolm Martin sounds rather nice, doesn’t it?

Nell: You are missing the point. Malcolm is in danger. If I’m not mistaken that’s Stephen Seagull, the evil head of the Beefies.

Me: What? You mean Susan is a Beefy?

Nell: I don’t know, but her real father certainly is. Run and warn Malcolm. I will deal with this. I’m not going to let some bolshie Beefy ruin my day.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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