David needs a cuddle

Nell: What on earth is the matter with David?

Me: He just needs a cuddle. We all have days like that.

Nell: I know but he is wearing his “I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me” face.

Me: Yes. Isn’t it adorable?

Nell: He’s just tired and he’s been watching Bohemian Rhapsody with The Cat again if you ask me. Up until all hours.

Me: Probably.

Nell: I think he knows about Harriet’s trip to London to see Sally. He feels left out.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: It’s all this spy nonsense. He’s been prowling around in that sequinned lined trench coat listening at doors and you know what they say?

Me: “Eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves?”

Nell: No. “If you can’t hear, don’t listen.”

Me: Mutley can’t hear but he’s a wonderful listener.

Nell: That’s not what it means. If you can’t take what you hear don’t listen in the first place.

Me: Oh. How is Charlie today?

Nell: He is doing well, considering. He says acceptance is the key. He has M’s full support.

Me: Maybe Mutley is M. He and Charlie were in deep discussion yesterday.

Nell: They were discussing fat free yoghurt, if you must know. Mutley is not a fan.

Me: Why on earth were they doing that?

Nell: It’s Poppy’s new healthy eating regime. She called a meeting and even suggested wholemeal scones.

Me: No?

Nell: Gladys actually fell out of my handbag with the shock of it. She only recovered after one of Malcolm’s macarons.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: By the way, how can Mutley be M when I told you she is female?

Me: Yes, but it might be a double bluff.

Nell: More like double fluff when it comes to you.

Me: Mutley’s name begins with M.

Nell: So does Malcolm’s.

Me: Malcolm? I’m not sure. He’s too shy for a spy.

Nell: Do stop.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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