Something is wrong with Charlie

Me: How is Charlie?

Nell: Still sleeping. Something is wrong. I know it.

Me: Try not to worry. The vet will sort it out.

Nell: Yes. Poppy is making him scrambled eggs for lunch with lightly buttered toast. He doesn’t have much of an appetite.

Me: Dave has offered to finish anything left over.

Nell: Yes. Clearing Up is one of his skills. Harriet has offered to read to Charlie if his eyes are too tired.

Me: Bless her. Has Sally gone back to London?

Nell: Yes. David is lucky to have such a capable girlfriend.

Me: I think she is lucky to have Dave. Such a handsome and loving boy.

Nell: A ball of wool arrived for Malcolm this morning, by the way.

Me: Very strange. I wonder who the sender is.

Nell: It’s definitely not the Mallard.

Me: Shall I make you a cup of Earl Grey tea? You can rest by the fire with Mutley until Charlie wakes.

Nell: Yes. Thank you.

Me: He probably just needs to rest, you know.

Nell: I kept telling him to slow down but he wouldn’t listen. Always off somewhere.

Me: I know. If you will fall in love with James Bond, Nell.

Nell: I’m afraid his James Bond days might be over. But I can’t see him settling in to a quiet life.

Me: We are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s wait and hear what the vet says first.

Nell: You are right. Sorry.

Me: No need for sorry, Nell. Never any need from you.

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