Monday plans

Me: Harriet and Poppy are so sweet together.

Nell: Yes. Poppy was having a touch of the Monday blues so Harriet decided she needed a lie down and a cuddle.

Me: I find a cuddle usually helps.

Nell: Yes, although a cup of Earl Grey and one of Poppy’s scones works rather well too.

Me: Have you got any plans for today?

Nell: I’m seeing the girls for a light lunch after my Pilates class. Gladys is joining us.

Me: Isn’t she riding the waves this morning?

Nell: Too messy, apparently, which is rich coming from Gladys. Have you seen the state of my handbag?

Me: Chris just texted. He has flown to Berlin to make a surprise visit to Alice and Jonathan Sky.

Nell: How lovely. I hope he takes photos.

Me: He will. It’s been over a year since he saw them.

Nell: Have you seen David this morning? The Cat has finished his winter waistcoat.

Me: He said he was going down to the quay to meet a friend.

Nell: I hope it isn’t Budleigh Salterton.

Me: No, I think he said Kingsbridge.

Nell: No. Budleigh is a Basset hound from Beesands. A real old sea dog. He is teaching David some sea shanties so he can impress Tony.

Me: That’s kind of him.

Nell: But he is dreadfully scruffy and always smells of drink.

Me: You are very judgemental.

Nell: Don’t come running to me when David starts smoking a pipe and demanding rum with his supper.

Me: Gosh. I hope not. He was wearing a beard when I saw him, though.

Nell: A beard? David with a beard? And you didn’t say anything?

Me: No. Sorry.

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