Waiting and tracking

Me: Mutley is on the stairs again.

Nell: Yes. He is waiting for Chris.

Me: He’s got a perfectly comfortable bed.

Nell: He is choosing to wait there as he has an excellent overview and the twinkly lights keep him alert.

Me: He doesn’t have to be alert. He can rest. We will let him know when Chris has arrived.

Nell: In yesterday’s comfortable chat he pointed out than when one is deaf, life can pass one by. Sometimes he sleeps through important events.

Me: I didn’t know you had a comfortable chat.

Nell: Yes. Every evening. The family need their routine. Morning thoughts with the puppies and a comfortable chat with Mutley. Poppy dips in and out of both depending on her schedule.

Me: What if you are away?

Nell: If I am travelling I use the iBone and we WoofsApp. At home I just sit close by and use my commanding voice so he can hear.

Me: You have an excellent commanding voice.

Nell: Yes. When I was at drama school I was complimented on my diction and projection.

Me: I can see you on the stage.

Nell: Yes. My Lady Macbeth was renowned.

Me: I’m sure it was.

Nell: So, has he landed?

Me: He will text me.

Nell: Yes, but I know perfectly well that you have been tracking him on your iBone so just have a look.

Me: You told me not to.

Nell: A Labrador’s mind is open to change if offered the right biscuit.

Me: You’ve just had a large breakfast.

Nell: Good grief. It was a metaphor. Just check if he has landed, please, so I can get Mutley off the stairs.

Me: Chris just landed. Thank goodness.

Nell: Excellent. Now you can stop staring at your phone and join Mutley and I by the fire. He will be home soon.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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