Happy Fourth Advent

Me: Well, that made Dave’s Christmas.

Nell: Yes. It was rather moving to see them reunited.

Me: Tony has recovered from his operation and is back at work but unfortunately he slipped and fell in the garden and has bruised his ribs on one side.

Nell: Yes. Poor Tony. I told David not to jump but he simply could not restrain himself.

Me: He loves Tony too much.

Nell: David does feel things very strongly.

Me: Talking of strong feelings. Any word from Charlie? I thought he and his assistant Sally might visit.

Nell: Nothing, so I presume he is away.

Me: If you will get involved with James Bond.

Nell: Do stop. Charlie might work for the Secret Service but he is not James Bond.

Me: It’s just that The Cat’s chihuahua saw a handsome German Shepherd and a beautiful Golden Retriever having a cheeky cappuccino at Starbarks by the quay.

Nell: That’s odd. Tell The Cat’s chihuahua not to say anything to David. If it isn’t Sally he will be so disappointed. He adores her.

Me: My theory is they have gone undercover to infiltrate those evil Beefies. I wonder if they were dressed as seagulls.

Nell: Dressed as seagulls? Your theories are becoming more fanciful by the minute.

Me: I just wondered.

Nell: Happy Fourth Advent by the way. You need to light all four candles.

Me: Yes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Charlie and Sally were here for Christmas?

Nell: Just light the candles. We are having family carols later and I want everything to be just right.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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